+ Win Well

What Win Well means to our athletes

The beauty of Win Well is that everyone can set their own personal definition for success.

Win Well has been launched to balance ambitious sporting goals with cultures that are safe, fair and supportive so that our athletes, coaches and people are supported to be successful in all areas of their lives.

Some of our Australian athletes have already started sharing what Win Well means to them:

Commonwealth Games gold medal boxer Harry Garside says : “Win well means showing up, being respectful and trying your hardest. As a country we want to show up on the world stage as one united force, because it’s so much better when we’re all together and all focused on the same mission.”

Olympic gold medal paddler Jess Fox says : “The concept of win well really shifts away from that win-at-all costs mentality and it looks at the athlete from a holistic perspective. Athletes need to be physically, mentally, emotionally in a good place to perform at their best and reach their potential. It’s that pride and satisfaction that I’ve done the best I could that day in striving for excellence, and it’s gratitude and connection with those who shared the journey to get there.”

Olympic gold medal swimmer Zac Stubblety-Cook says : “To win well means to have a balanced person first approach in sport and for me that means sustainable success and living your best life, also having that opportunity to fail and grow at the same time.”

Olympic diver Mel Wu says : “It’s great to be able to support everyone in sport, everyone coming together, having a sustainable approach to the future, everybody thinking about performance in terms of what that is and taking that holistic approach to athletes and success.”

Olympic gold medal swimmer Cate Campbell says : “I love the Win Well concept. I believe that taking into account an athlete’s wellbeing - both physically and mentally - will not only produce better athletes but will translate into better results as well. Athletes compete at their best when they know someone has their back.”

Paralympic gold medal cyclist Emily Petricola says : “The team behind the athlete is what ultimately determines performance. If you have confidence that those guiding your journey are all aligned and on the same page as to where you are at and where you are going, you are far more likely to get there!”