+ Win Well

High Performance 2032+ strategy logo
Australia's high performance
sport strategy

Our vision

We win well to inspire Australians

Our mission

We are united in our
pursuit to build an
inclusive + sustainable
sporting system
that is:

Performance driven

We win when it matters and we win well, because we know that performance and wellbeing go hand in hand

Athlete focused

We deliver holistic athlete development and have clear pathways and transition periods

Exceptionally led

We lead with vision, integrity and accountability to create environments where people thrive

Purposefully collaborative

We work together towards shared outcomes and recognise and strengthen collaboration at all levels of the System

Success needs to
continue to climb
post 2032, and our
time starts now

Our core values

  • Excellence +
  • Belonging +
  • Courage +
  • Connection

Our united pursuit will be delivered through four priority areas:

Performance delivery

Enabling our top athletes to perform when it matters.

Athlete performance pathways

Identifying, developing and supporting High Performance athletes of the future to progress towards the Podium and beyond.

World-leading knowledge + practice

Using world-leading innovation, knowledge and practice to ensure our athletes, coaches and performance support work as high functioning performance teams.

Outstanding people + organisations

Building highly capable organisations that attract, develop and retain diverse talent and maximise human potential across the High Performance workforce.

Enabled by...

World class coaching

Clear roles + responsibilities

Inclusive design

Resources to achieve quality outcomes

Values + behaviours

Strategy monitoring + evaluation

Our strategy

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Path to 2032