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Sport Integrity Australia put win well into action with Play the Aussie Way campaign

Play the Aussie Way is a Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) campaign aimed at sporting participants at all levels, wherever they play.

The Play the Aussie Way theme pays homage to all that we value about our sporting culture and underpins the crucial importance of protecting sport’s integrity. The campaign features five athletes (past and present) and a coach, who in their own words tell us what it means to Play the Aussie Way.

SIA is one of the 51 organisations united under Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy and its vision “We Win Well to Inspire Australians”.

Learn more about Play the Aussie Way on SIA’s website here.


“Play hard, play smart and play together. You have to have respect for the game, respect for yourself, and respect for everyone around the game.”

NBL Legend and coach, Cal Bruton

"We all have a right to enjoy sport. It doesn't matter whether you have a disability, what your ethnic background is, what your sexuality is."

Paralympic gold medallist, Ellie Cole

"It's important to have respect for one another, it doesn't matter if you're from a different background or have a different look."

Commonwealth Games bronze medallist, Tina Rahimi

"Playing the Aussie way is about respect and integrity. To me, it's about calling out the bullying, harassment, racism."

Olympic sprinter, Patrick Johnson

Sport Integrity Australian launches new campaign Play the Aussie Way