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Win Well Podcast: Spencer Turrin and Angus Widdicombe

Two of the Australian Men’s Rowing Eight – Spencer Turrin and Angus Widdicombe – take control of the AIS Win Well Podcast in Episode 4 and reveal how they keep it all in perspective while competing on the world’s biggest sporting stage.

“I think the biggest thing though is the fact that you've put yourself out there and you've had a crack at it,” Turrin said.

“That's what you can hang your hat high on. And if you have some hardware at the end of the day, well, that's even that's even better. But if you don't, you have still achieved something awesome and represented yourself, your family, and your country.”

Turrin was part of the crew that won gold in the coxless four at Tokyo with Paris to be his third Games, while Widdicombe is preparing for his second.

During episode 4, Widdicombe explained how the community within the eight and the wider rowing community is the drive behind their pursuit of excellence on the world stage.

“Rowing becomes part of your life and part of your community and the people you spend most of the time with,” Widdicombe said.

“So having good, solid relationships definitely improves your time that you spend there and the time that you spend outside of it. I spend 90% of my time outside of rowing with other rowers. I live with rowers, I live with Gus, so we had a good time outside of rowing as well, which I think makes a big difference on the water.”

The rowing at the Paris Olympics will take place from July 27 to August 3 in Vaires-sur-Marne, around 30 km east of the French capital. Listen to the full episode with Spencer and Angus here, or search ‘win well podcast’ on your preferred listening platform.

Hosted by two-time Olympian Melissa Breen, The Win Well Podcast is produced by the AIS, one of the 51 organisations who has made the Win Well Pledge through Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy.

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