+ Win Well

New working groups established to support system's commitment to win well

Three working groups have been established and stood up to assist with delivering upon activities within Horizon 1 of Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy (HP 2032+ Strategy).

In line with the core values of connection, courage, belonging, and excellence, these working groups have been established to explore wellbeing measures, minimum standards and requirements for athlete wellbeing, and optimising athlete transitions.

The Wellbeing Measures project is a key focus area of the HP 2032+ Strategy and will contribute to the overarching measures for the strategy, as well as to support sustained performance success and integrated holistic athlete development.

The Advisory Group, comprised of experts from diverse fields, will support the establishment of a model for understanding wellbeing in the Australian high-performance system, and an overarching framework to guide the tracking of wellbeing metrics over time.

The Minimum Wellbeing Requirements Working Group will establish an understanding of resources required to provide a nationally consistent minimum level of wellbeing support across the system. This project aims to build on the past six years of targeted wellbeing investment and the established foundation of wellbeing support in the Australian HP System, by addressing the changes and evolution in this space for a maturing system.

The Athlete Transitions Advisory Group has been formed to co-design recommendations to address transition gaps and opportunities, ensuring these recommendations are practical, build on current efforts, and define best practices.

Wellbeing Measures Advisory Group • Paula Charlton – Australian Sports Commission • Nicole Townsend – Australian Sports Commission • Franco Impellizzeri – University of Technology Sydney • David Borg – Australian Sports Commission • David Williams – Australian Sports Commission • Liam Twomey – Para Triathlon Athlete • Storm Hunter – Tennis Athlete • Kay Robinson – Football Australia • Jenny Borlase – South Australian Institute of Sport • Jacqui McCoy – Australian Sports Commission • Sam Waters – Victoria Institute of Sport • Lara Davenport – Queensland Academy of Sport

Minimum Wellbeing Requirements Working Group • Jaime Krol – Queensland Academy of Sport • Matt Mulcahy – Netball Australia • Linley Frame – Swimming Australia • Alisha Reber – Rugby Australia • Sarah Conlon – CombatAUS • Matt Murphy – Paddle Australia • Cliff Maina – Northern Territory Academy of Sport • Leesa Gallard – Victoria Institute of Sport • Josh Ranger – Mental Health Advisor • Aurelie Gibson – Shooting Australia • Mel Purkiss – Athletics Australia • Anthony Quinn – New South Wales Institute of Sport • Amanda Schonfeld – Western Australia Institute of Sport • Will Tierney – Netball South Australia

Athlete Transitions Advisory Group • Rachel Hunt – Australian Sports Commission • Paula Charlton – Australian Sports Commission • Juliet Haslam OAM – Consultant • Sharyn Arnold – Waterpolo Australia • Chris Lynch – Football Australia • Chirs Bond – Wheelchair Rugby Athlete • Sarah Thompson – Victoria Institute of Sport • Carla Dziwoki – Cricket Australia • Tyler Puzicha – Cycling Athlete • Alex Jago – Paralympics Australia • Dee Anderson AM – Rugby League Players Association