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HP2032+ Activity Working Groups Expression of Interest

Expression of interests are open for individuals that wish to provide their expertise and perspectives to collaborate on the implementation on relevant Activities within HP2032+ Strategy to optimise its potential outcome and deliver upon its associated measure.


The Working Group – Expression of Interest: Briefing Package should be read prior to submitting an expression of interest to gain an understanding of the responsibilities, process and each working groups requirements

Working Groups

We have multiple opportunities to contribute to a number of working groups. Below are a list of working groups that are seeking expressions:

  • Enhancing Performance Teams
  • Effectiveness, Collaboration & Capacity
  • Daily Performance Environment Survey
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Team Benchmarking
  • Para Classification Knowledge
  • Values + Behaviours Implementation
  • Categorisation
  • Planning. Monitoring & Review Unified Approach
  • Para Barriers & Progression


Applicants must be a member within the High Performance System through a National Sporting Organisation, State Institute of Sports/State Academy of Sports, Paralympics Australia, Commonwealth Games Australia, Australian Olympic Committee and/or Australian Sports Commission/Australian Institute of Sport.

To assist with inclusive design and diversity, consideration will be given to applicants that provide subject matter expertise to organisations within the High Performance System such as academia, industry partners or specialist consultants. Any potential members will have their relationship verified with that High Performance partner prior to being selected.

Member Backgrounds

Each working group has different requirements, and the implementation of the Strategy requires individuals from different backgrounds, expertise and perspectives. Below is a list of, but not limited to potential member backgrounds required for the working groups:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Performance Directors
  • Coaches
  • Athletes
  • Performance Support Staff
  • Pathway Managers
  • Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement Managers
  • Senior Performance Managers/Consultants
  • People & Culture Leaders
  • Academics
  • Classifiers
  • Early Career HP Staff

Further Details

Potential applicants should refer to the 2032+ High Performance Sport Strategy.


Expressions of Interest close on Friday 28th April at 11:59pm (AEST).
Applications should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. There are no requirement for uploading a resume, just two open field around skills, experience and motivations.

Register your interest on HP2032+ Working Groups – EOI. If you are unable to register your application through the digital platform, please contact HP2032Strategy@ausport.gov.au to explore other options


Please note there are projects that need to commence as soon as possible in order to meet the required time frames. These projects are:

  • DPE Insights Survey

Expression of Interest close for these working groups on Thursday 20th April at 9:00am (AEST), with the view that they may commence work on the week of the 24th April.


For further information, please contact HP2032Strategy@ausport.gov.au.