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HP 2032+ Strategy turns one

Friday 15 December 2023 marks one year since 51 sports and sporting organisations gathered in Sydney to officially launch Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Strategy.

At the 2022 launch, all leaders of the signatory sports and organisations, as well as the athletes and coaches present in Sydney, signed the Win Well Pledge, a commitment to acknowledge wellbeing as a foundation of sustainable success, and that how we win is just as important as when we win.

To mark the one year anniversary, individuals wanting to either make the Win well pledge or recommit to the HP 2032+ Strategy’s vision can now do so virtually.

Follow this link to sign the pledge now.

Win Well Pledge

The HP 2032+ Strategy Story So Far

1 July 2022: 37 leaders from across the Australian High Performance Sport System gather in Melbourne to explore the possibility of developing the nation’s first united strategy. The challenges were honestly discussed, as were the resources needed to make it happen and make the most of the generational opportunity to achieve sustainable success for Australian sport over the next decade and beyond. An Executive Sponsorship team was formed to provide direction for the project which was to develop over the next six months.

17-18 August 2022: The Priority areas – Performance Delivery; Athlete Performance Pathways; World Leading Knowledge and Practise; Outstanding People and Organisations – began to take shape following a two day stream mobilisation session in Melbourne.

7 September 2022: Fresh challenges and perspectives gave the strategy further depth at the Challenge and Review session at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. Our Connection to Country was universally agreed as one of the key foundations.

25-26 October 2022: More than 100 people from over 40 sports and sporting organisations attended the Way Forward Forum at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. The system agrees to the vision, “We Win Well to Inspire Australians”.

Strategy Way Forward Forum

23 November 2022: Australian athletes Ben Tudhope, Jess Fox, Harry Garside, Melissa Wu, Zac Stubblety-Cook, Mariah Williams, Tess Madgen, and Bendere Oboya came together to record the Win Well Pledge in Sydney.

15 December 2022: Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy is officially launched in Sydney. Later that day, the Victorian Institute of Sport became the inaugural Win Well winner at the AIS Sport Performance Awards. Horizon 1 officially begins.

14 February 2023: The first meeting of the HP 2032+ Strategy Leadership Group was held at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. This group, made up of representatives from across the Australian High Performance System (will meet quarterly to oversee the implementation of the HP 2032+ Strategy in Horizon 1 (December 2022 to Paris 2024).

28 February 2023: The inaugural meeting of the HP 2032+ Strategy Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group. Throughout Horizon 1, the ATSI Advisory Group will work with the system to develop an action plan, and measure and monitor the commitment to Our Connection to Country.

8 March 2023: The first Project Lead Meeting is held for the more than 60 priority projects that make up Horizon 1 of the HP 2023+ Strategy.

22 May 2023: The Minister for Sport, the Hon Anika Wells, has marked the six-month anniversary of Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy by endorsing sport’s united vision: “We win well to inspire Australians”. More than 100 people from across the high performance system gathered for the 2032+ Strategy Forum, which was the first opportunity for all areas of the system to come together since December, and a platform for feedback on the more than 60 priority projects currently in progress to help unite the system.

Minister signs Win Well Pledge

28 June 2023: More than 100 people within the high performance sport system have put up their hand to join twelve working groups to assist the implementation of the Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy.

16 August 2023: Three-time Olympian Alyce Wood launches the win well storytelling series with her incredible story of how the vision to win well is powering her push for Paris 2024.

31 October 2023: With a focus on “Building sustainable success for Paris and beyond”, almost 400 people from across Australian sport gathered for WC2WB 2023, which built on Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy and its values of excellence, belonging, courage and connection.

12 December 2023: At the final meeting of the HP 2023+ Strategy Leadership Group for 2023, Leadership Group Member and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Advisory Group Chair Patrick Johnson also presented the Connection to Country Action Plan, one of the foundations of the HP 2032+ Strategy. The Connection to Country Action Plan is due to be released publicly in early-2024