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Wellbeing Health Check: Revamped, Refined and Streamlined

As part of Australia’s High Performance 2032+ Sport Strategy, the AIS Wellbeing Health Check has been audited and revised over the past six months to remove duplication and streamline the diagnostic process.

The Wellbeing Health Check measures the wellbeing culture of high performance sports by surveying athletes, coaches and staff within the organisation.

The recent audit resulted in some changes to the survey; however, the six themes of cultural values, mental health, injury & illness, conduct & behaviour, selection & non-selection and equality & inclusion remain the same.

AIS Leader & Culture Consultant Kelly Lean said one of the changes made was to reduce the number of questions asked in the survey to make it easier for sports to complete.

“The number of questions asked has been halved and now sits at around 70 questions, with sports having the ability to add in three questions if they wish. We have seen the average survey completion time drop from 38 minutes, to around 11 minutes.”

The improved survey has already been administered to four sports including, Snow Australia, Olympic Winter Institute, Golf Australia and Rowing Australia.

Even though the survey it is no longer mandatory, the average response rate from participants has increased from 48% to over 70%.

Golf Australia General Manager of High Performance Brad James said the response from sports is overwhelmingly positive.

“The outstanding participation rate not only validates the significance of the Health Check but also underscores its effectiveness in engaging participants and promoting their wellbeing,” James said.

Despite the questions changing, the revised survey structure has been kept the same as previous versions to ensure the insights are comparable.

“The administration of the first iteration provides a baseline for the system, this second iteration will now set a minimum standard. Organisations will be able to see if their previous action has had an impact,” Lean said.

The Wellbeing Health Check will continue to be administered to sports that wish to access it across the next 12 months, with five sports already committed for early 2024.

Learn more about the AIS Wellbeing Health Check.

Golf Australia are among the first sports to take part in the revised Wellbeing Health Check.
(Pictured: Australian Golfer Minjee Lee)